SDI Automazione - Defining the interaction model and web interfaces for a supervision system

Sdi Automazione

SDI Automazione




Alessandro Pollini
Angela Di Massa
Luca Raschi

The project aims to design and develop the User Experience and the User Interfaces for SDI Automation web portal, a supervision and remote system for industrial plants and energy networks. The project has been featured by research activities including: field observations, use case analysis, operator task analysis. According to the research, the design project aimed to: design the interaction and navigation model of the software; define the main UI layout, the UI elements and their rules of behavior; design the library of simple and complex objects; define a consistent visual identity of the software according to the domain requirements.


The HMI project for SDI eXPert software, an automation system for supervision and control of industrial plants and energy networks, involved the BSD team in several design activities including: context analysis, operators task analysis, interaction and navigation model design, User interfaces and UI elements design, objects library definition, visual identity application consistent with the domain requirements.

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