Workshop on Human-Machine Interaction

Human factors and design of Human-Machine interfaces




Alessandro Pollini
Tania Sabatini
Angela Di Massa
Mario Di Giorgio

This workshop involves the BSD team and the main client’s stakeholders. The training session includes the introduction of a series of key concepts about cognitive ergonomics and human factors, continuing with an in-depth study of Human-Centered Design methods in the HMI field. The theoretical part is combined with exercises to put into practice what has been learned.
The objectives of the workshop concern the knowledge of the theoretical foundations, the principles, but also the methods and techniques of User Experience design and usability of machine interfaces, HMI and SCADA; providing the fundamentals techniques to analyze the needs and characteristics of end users; knowing a set of tools to apply the methods and techniques of Experience Design to HMI projects.
The participatory session will include aspects such as: the creation of personas and scenarios, the definition of the system model and information architecture, the design of the main interface layouts, the elaboration of the 'family feeling' and the main style rules.

flussi workshop